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土豆的营养价值 从营养角度来看,土豆比大米、面粉具有更多的优点,能供给人体大量的热能,可称为“十全十美的食物”。人只靠马铃薯和全脂牛奶就足以维持生命和健康。因为马铃薯的营养成分非常全面,营养结构也较合理,只是蛋白质、钙和维生素A的量稍低,而这正好用全脂牛奶来补充。马铃薯块茎水分多、脂肪少、单位体积的热量相当低,所含的维生素C是苹果的10倍,B族维生素是苹果的4倍,各种矿物质是苹果的几倍至几十倍不等,食用后有很好的饱腹感。

The nutritional value of potatoes From a nutritional point of view, potatoes have more advantages than rice and flour. They can provide a large amount of heat to the human body and can be called “perfect food”. People only rely on potatoes and whole milk to maintain life and health. Because the nutritional content of potatoes is very comprehensive, the nutritional structure is also reasonable, but the amount of protein, calcium and vitamin A is slightly lower, and this happens to be supplemented with whole milk. Potato tubers have more water, less fat, and low calories per unit volume. They contain 10 times as much vitamin C as apples, 4 times as much B vitamins as apples, and various minerals from several to dozens of times that of apples , After eating, there is a good feeling of fullness.


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