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Import Enoki mushroom


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Flammulina velutipes is rich in amino acids, which is higher than general mushrooms, especially lysine. Lysine has the function of promoting children’s intellectual development. When used as a food material, Flammulina velutipes is especially good for cold dishes and hot pot. It is rich in nutrition, fragrant and delicious, which is deeply loved by the public. Edible effect of Flammulina velutipes 1. Promote metabolism, enhance the biological activity in the body, and promote metabolism. The absorption of beneficial nutrients. 2. Lowering blood lipids, inhibiting the elevation of blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, preventing hyperlipidemia, thereby reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. 3. Anti-fatigue, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, eliminate heavy metal toxins and anti-tumor. 4. Prevention of allergies Prevent allergies such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema, etc. 1 Promote growth and development to promote the growth and development of children and the role of brain strengthening. In Japan, it is hailed as a “puzzle mushroom” by many countries.


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